The Ultimate Guide to Sitemap

3 Reasons to Ditch Manual and Use a Sitemap Generator Instead

Sitemaps are a list of different webpages that exist in your website. These are submitted to search engines like Google and Yahoo in order to give them a complete index of the pages on your site. With a definitive list of different webpages on your site, search engines will be able to index them more effectively, especially when they’re relevant to a search.

If you’ve been manually maintaining and creating sitemaps all this time, you should probably seek other alternatives. These three reasons should tell you why automated is better, and how a sitemap generator can help ease the process.

1. Faster and More Efficient – Sitemap maintenance can take months if you try to do it manually instead of using an automatic sitemap generator instead. You’ll find out just how tiring it can be when you discover that it takes serious technical know how and speed, especially if your website generates lots of new content on a regular basis. So by using a sitemap generator, the process won’t be as time consuming, and you can create a complete list in a smaller amount of time.

2. It Optimizes Your Ranking – Not a lot of business owners are aware of the negative effects broken links can have on their website’s performance in terms of search engine ranking. Broken links make it harder for a search engine to crawl your website, so they might end up ranking you lower when results come up. With a sitemap generator though, you can easily figure out where any broken links might lie so you can resolve the problem and rank higher in search engine results. By removing or resolving any broken links, your website can effectively rank higher when someone searches a keyword relevant to your brand.

3. Maintenance is Made Easier – One of the most helpful features of a sitemap generator is that it can easily be updated by simply refreshing the software, so this can remove any deleted pages or add new ones that you might have created. This means you can keep your sitemap up to date without having to go through the entire list just to find any links that are no longer applicable or to add those that are new. In totality, this allows you to make any changes, additions, or removals to your website knowing that you won’t have to spend too much time trying to update your sitemap soon afterwards.

It’s no longer best practice to manually update a sitemap. So invest in a sitemap generator software so you can do without the tedious process.

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