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When is the Right Time to Call Pool Repair Services?

In general, people tend to see having their own private pool nothing short of a dream turned into reality. After all, don’t we all just want an oasis we can retreat to whenever we feel like taking a break from reality? Well, as dreamy as it might be to be able to go on vacation to a tropical paradise whenever you feel like it, there’s a lot that goes into pool maintenance that you might not know at the start. Lots of first time pool owners find their pools giving in to damage just a few short months after getting one because they don’t know how to maintain one.

The good thing is that finding a reputable pool repair service isn’t a challenge these days. But when is it the time to call in the pros? Learn what signs to look out for and call a pool repair service when you need one by keeping these markers in mind.

1. Your Pump Starts to Malfunction – Your pool pump is responsible for taking your water, filtering it, and returning it to the main pool. A pool’s pump is often the easiest to damage because it runs longer than any other part of the poo. So it’s important that you seek regular maintenance for your pump. But if your pump hasn’t seen any professional maintenance in the past year, it’s probably time you called in a pool repair service. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t seek professional services now, your pump will likely give up just a few months later.

2. Damaged Pool Tiles – Because tiles work well against water damage, they’re the surface of choice for most pools. But even if they’re pretty solid against moisture, tiles also have a lifespan and they may give in to water damage after a few years. So to avoid anyone getting cut on the broken tiles, be sure to have them replaced as soon as you spot them. This can also be the reason for water leaking into the pool’s foundation, especially when damage is particularly pronounced.

3. Poor Temperature Regulation – Some pools have temperature regulation units like heaters to make them more comfortable for swimmers. However, it’s common for heaters to break and cease working. The reason for this is commonly water damage. This can pose a major safety risk especially because heaters run on electricity. To prevent any accidents, be sure to call up your trusted pool repair service to address the matter in a safe and timely manner.

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